Is an outdoor, camping festival held every Canada Day long weekend on the breathtaking Canadian Prairies, in Sunny Alberta.
Our goal is to provide a venue for independent artists, musicians, and unique performers, and offer our guests once in a life-time opportunities and experiences not to be found at any other festival!
Past performers include international recording artists S.J. Tucker, Heather Dale, Sharon Knight & Winter, Damh the Bard, as well as up & coming musical artists like Calgary’s Vanessa Cardui, Sora, and the rockin’, bluesy sounds of Vancouver’s Mo Jo!
But the Sun Wheel experience isn’t only about the music!
There are plenty of interesting and fun workshops, on many topics to pique your interest about all things spiritual. Alternative spirituality is our passion, and the passion of our Presenters. Ever wonder who the Vikings prayed to? Curious about modern Witchcraft? Druidry?
There’s a workshop for that!

Sit in on a Pipe Ceremony, raise energy at the Drum Circle, or just relax by the nightly bon-fire and enjoy the bardic tradition of story telling!
Late sunsets and long, glorious days, this is the perfect get- away to unwind, laugh, sing, dance, and remember it all long after you leave!

Discover what moves your spirit,
at the
Sun Wheel Music & Arts Festival!


What we offer:

  • Rituals
  • Live Pagan Music
  • Drumming Circles
  • Lectures and Classes

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